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Word from the county about the runway project

"It is unfortunate to report that construction progress for the week October 9th stopped. The material produced from grinding the runway by the contractor the prior week, and intended by the contractor to be used as the runway subbase material, did not meet all of the material specifications for all of the material produced. County staff and our construction manager have been working with the contractor and with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to develop a viable solution that allows the project to move forward. A workable solution has so far not been determined. The runway reopening date has now been delayed by a minimum of one week. 

In addition, the contractor tested material below the asphalt runway and found low levels of naturally occurring asbestos containing material, likely from the existing base material. The county has hired an environmental consulting firm which has verified the results and is preparing response plan that safeguards the environment, contract employees and the general public."

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*Click HERE to view Myths and Facts about the ATC Privatization proposals. Includes a link to contact your representatives in Congress, who just got back from vacation. It's a very real threat still, so don't let up now!

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*Taxi lane sealing and patching is under way at Gnoss. Additional work to complete the job to be done on Fridays.