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Runway Reconstruction Beginning September 25

Runway reconstruction  work is tentatively scheduled to start October 4 and continue into early November. FLASH-the contractor now states he will be able to begin work as early as Monday, September 25!!

The runway will be closed for 3 hours between now and the 25th so that the contractor can test equipment on a strip of runway pavement. The exact date is not known but Dan Jensen will give as much advance notice as possible when the date and time IS known.

The most current updates to the project appear on at the County's Airport Webpage under "Airport News", and accessible via the links there. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of these pages for the most current information.

A special guest for October-Max Trescott, National CFI of the Year.

Max was the 2008 National CFI of the Year and is well-known for his very helpful training guides for learning how to use many of the various electronic flight tools. He's also the host of two podcasts; the AvGeeks podcast, and the Aviation News Talk podcast, and is an occasional visitor to Gnoss Field in his role as a Cirrus instructor and purchase advisor, and CFI. 

Max will be taking a very short break from his busy instructing schedule to join us on October 11, so make plans to be there for his presentation. Breakfast starts at 9:00 a.m. in the Scanlon Aviation hangar, and Max's presentation will start at 10:00 a.m..






*Click HERE to view Myths and Facts about the ATC Privatization proposals. Includes a link to contact your representatives in Congress, who just got back from vacation. It's a very real threat still, so don't let up now!

*Be sure to click on the "FlyFriendly" link (top left corner of this page) for news and information on GFCA's  initiative to educate based and transient pilots on how to reduce noise affecting our neighbors.

*Taxi lane sealing and patching is under way at Gnoss. Additional work to complete the job to be done on Fridays.