Fly Friendly. Please!

Gnoss Field (DVO) is no different than any other airport in California in that we are very sensitive to any noise associated with airport operations.  Those of us who are based here know where the noise sensitive areas are, and we follow the Fly Friendly procedures which are designed to avoid those areas.

Because of our own experience here at Gnoss we try to observe local advisories regarding noise abatement procedures at the airports we fly in to, and we know that pilots flying into Gnoss Field understand and want to do the same. We want to provide as much information as we can about Gnoss Field’s specific challenges.

·         The homes to the South and Southeast of the airport are NOISE SENSITIVE

·         As the AWOS recording notes, PLEASE DO NOT OVERFLY THESE HOMES-follow the arrival and departure routes noted on the map, above.

·         Gnoss Field is known for its crosswinds, but the calm wind runway is 13 for arrivals, 31 for departures.

·         Be on the lookout (and listen to the CTAF for) tandem skydivers-they will land inside the pattern on the southeast portion of the field (next to the Helipad), but they will communicate with you and will not cause you any problems.

·         We have a newly-rebuilt 3300’ X 75’ runway!


CTAF 123.075    

AWOS 120.675, phone 415-897-2236

DVO Fuel (staffed 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily) 415-897-1653


DVO Weathercam





AIRNAV listing for DVO Gnoss Field, Marin County Airport

There are two lounge areas, both with access to restrooms:

In the Scanlon Aviation/Airport administration hangar/building (24 hours)

In the DWO Fuel/Spirit of St. Louis 2 hangar/building (daylight hours)