Gnoss Field Financial Information

For years, airport users have requested understandable information about the finances of Gnoss Field. Unfortunately, the Finance Department of Marin County rolls up the airport revenue into rather big buckets and publishes information in several different places. However with the help of Ken Mercer, who obtained financial reports for the Special Airport Fund, 31010, and Rick Beach, who consolidated the County annual budgets, Marin CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report), Marin capital improvement plans, FAA grant histories, and Marin County Assessor Rolls, we can present some summary information.


In order to receive FAA grants, Marin County certified that it complied with FAA Grant Assurance 25, Airport Revenues, that states "All revenues generated by the airport and any local taxes on aviation fuel established after December 30, 1987, will be expended by it for the capital or operating costs of the airport." Consequently, Marin County segregates airport revenue and expenses in an Enterprise Fund known as the Special Airport Fund, 31010. No money from the General Fund is used by the airport.

Special Airport Fund 31010 FY2015-16 FY2014-15 FY2013-14
Total operating revenues  659,166  696,353  660,646
Total operating expenses  (1,005,977)  (796,518)  (664,892)
Intergovernmental revenue  198,412  69,322  58,614
Fund balance, end of year  221,503  373,472  370,937

Details on the line items in the Special Airport Fund can be found here.

Gnoss Field Property Tax

Airport users pay property tax on aircraft, hangars they own, leasehold improvements, possessory interest in the space they occupy, and business property at the airport. The FAA considers property tax revenue to not be airport revenue. So, in Marin County, the property taxes collected from airport users are split between the General Fund and Novato Unified School District. For details on the use of property taxes in Marin County, see Where Your Property Tax Dollars Go.

Property Taxes at Gnoss Field FY2014-15 FY2013-14 FY2012-13 FY2011-12
Taxes to General Fund 180,264*  199,940  286,000  266,882
Taxes to Novato Schools 180,263*  228,699  266,000  301,151
Total Property Taxes 360,527*  428,639  552,000  568,033

* Amount includes only aircraft; need estimate of unsecured property for FY2014-15

Details on the assessments and property taxes paid can be found here.