Gnoss Field Financial Information - DETAILS

Details on Special Airport Fund, 31010

Information about the revenue and expenses for the Special Airport Fund, 31010, come from several different reports. Consequently, the numbers are often found to be reported with slightly different amounts. In summary, the airport revenue and expenses look like this:

Special Airport Fund 31010 FY2015-16 FY2014-15 FY2013-14
Total operating revenues  659,166  696,353  660,646
Total operating expenses  (1,005,977)  (796,518)  (664,892)
Intergovernmental revenue  198,412  69,322  58,614
Fund balance, end of year  221,503  373,472  370,937

Special Airport Fund 31010 Income & Expense

One vital source of detail comes from the Trial Balance Reports produced by the Marin County Finance Department upon request from the public (or via the office of Supervisor Judy Arnold). Ken Mercer obtained three years of such reports copied here: FY2014, FY2015FY2016.

By categorizing several of the detail line items, you can see the way that airport revenue and expenses are reported. Revenu amounts include sales by airport businesses (a 1% concession fee), fuel flowage fees on aviation fuels, leases from airport businesses, FAA grants used in that year, and airport hangar or tie-down fees.

Revenues FY2015-16 FY2014-15 FY2013-14
4410125 Int on Pooled Invst  580  731  395
4410410 Sales and Services  16,526  8,989  10,442
4410415 .06% Fuel Flow fees  7,521  14,452  10,612
4410430 Base Opr Fee Arpt  80,877  113,631  77,592
4550755 Federal - Grant  198,412  69,322  58,614
4410420 Arpt Tie Down  553,663  559,281  562,000
* Revenue  857,579  766,406  719,654

Airport expenses include personnel-related expenses, professional fees to airport consultants, security, utilities, maintenance contracts, and interdepartmental transfers mainly to DPW for work or oversight provided by the staff or management personnel.

Expenses FY2015-16 FY2014-15 FY2013-14
Personnel subtotal  197,829  187,504  186,712
5210110 Professional Services  200,882  32,102  132,063
5210140 Prof Svcs - Security  85,246  73,441  27,534
Utilities subtotal  58,605  58,605  61,109
5211115 Bldg and Plant Maint  29,534  26,873  23,483
Office & Travel subtotal  12,161  6,160  5,756
5220310 Land & Buildings  396  2,654  61,134
5220410 Construction  (200)  20,395  -  
5450135 Oth Infrastru (Full)  94,047  94,047  94,047
5510260 Inter-fd E DPW S&B  86,342  93,974  82,674
5510270 Inter-fd E DPW BMain  51,143  45,230  48,147
5510900 Inter-fd E A-87 Indi  131,942  90,234  4,032
* Expenses  1,005,977  797,593  664,109


County of Marin Proposed Budget in Marin County Budget Overview, FY2013-14, FY2014-16, FY2015-16, FY2016-18, look for "Revenues and expenditures by program" under Department of Public Works, then look for "Other Funds" for "County Airport"

Capital Improvement Program in Marin County Budget Overview, FY2013-14, FY2014-15, FY2015-16, FY2016-17, look for the section "Airport Improvements" for the "Summary of Proposed Airport Projects and Expenditures"

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports in Marin County Department of Finance Financial Reports website, FY2013, FY2014, FY2015, contain summary information about the Special Airport Fund, look for "Combining Statement of Net Position" for fund balance and asset values, "Combining Statement of Revenues, Expenses and Changes in Net Position" for summary of revenue and expense items, and "Combining Statement of Cash Flows" for fund balance at beginning and end of year.

Trial Balance ReportsFY2014, FY2015, and FY2016, that contain details of revenue and expenses by line item; also includes capital asset items.

Single Audit Reports, FY2010-11, FY2011-12, FY2012-13, FY2013-14, that contain lists and amounts of FAA grants sued by Gnoss Field, Marin County Airport.

Details on Property Taxes and Assessments at Gnoss Field

Airport users pay property tax on aircraft, hangars they own, posssessory interest in the space they occupy, and any property reported in their hangar. The FAA considers property tax revenue to not be airport revenue. So, in Marin County, the taxes collected are split between the General Fund and Novato Unified School District. For details on where the property taxes in Marin County, see Where Your Property Tax Dollars Go.

Property Taxes at Gnoss Field FY2014-15 FY2013-14 FY2012-13 FY2011-12
Taxes to General Fund 180,264*  199,940  286,000  266,882
Taxes to Novato Schools 180,263*  228,699  266,000  301,151
Total Property Taxes 360,527*  428,639  552,000  568,033

* Amount includes only aircraft; need estimate of unsecured property for FY2014-15

Property taxes can be separated by aircraft and other unsecured property as follows:

Property Taxes at Gnoss Field FY2015-16 FY2014-15 FY2013-14 FY2012-13 FY2011-12
Taxes on Unsecured to GF TBD  24,090  72,560  28,704
Taxes on Aircraft to GF  180,264  175,850  213,440  238,178
Taxes to Marin County General Fund  180,264  199,940  286,000  266,882
Taxes on Unsecured to NUSD TBD  52,844  52,560  62,973
Taxes on Aircraft to NUSD  180,263  175,850  213,440  238,178
Taxes to Novato Unified School Districdt  180,263  228,694  266,000  301,151
Total Property Taxes    360,527  428,634  552,000  568,033

For aircraft based at Gnoss Field, the assessor maintains a record of each owner for purposes of taxes. Note that the assessed value of aircraft has changed over the past several years.

Assessment of Property FY2015-16 FY2014-15 FY2013-14 FY2012-13 FY2011-12
Aircraft property  34,834,174  35,876,923  33,989,189  42,690,000  47,635,600
# aircraft owners  146  169  169
# aircraft over $1MM  6  9  6
Largest value  8,324,766  5,140,079  5,384,164
Average Value  238,590  212,289  201,119
Median value  80,863  68,241  67,584
Least value  8,666  2,279  7,290    


Assessment Roll Statistics report of the Unsecured Assessment Roll provided by the Marin County Assessor-Recorder-County Clerk office for years 2014, 2015 and 2016

Various reports of property tax revenue from Airport Manager, Dan Jensen, and the Marin County Finance Department.