mission statement

To promote and protect the interests of Gnoss Field users, tenants and community and to promote education and interest in general aviation, aviation safety and aviation services to the larger Marin community. To meet this mission we are focusing on these four initiatives:


Since its' inception, GFCA has awarded over $10,000 in scholarships to local students to further their aviation education, and has sponsored summer two summer interns (2015 and 2016) who were employed in aviation businesses (Seaplane Adventures in 2015 and Scanlon Aviation 2016) while receiving ten hours' dual flight instruction toward a private pilot certificate.

GFCA is also working closely with both Novato and San Marin high schools to enhance their JROTC and STEM programs, respectively. We are actively looking for other ways to involve students in aviation activities, both for career development and general and technical knowledge.


GFCA is committed to bringing Marin citizens out to their airport, and making them part of our community (hence this organization is the Gnoss Field Community Association, not the Gnoss Field Pilots' Association). To do this we'll come talk to your civic, church or neighborhood group, meet you at our local events (hint: we LOVE parades and car shows), and we'll invite you out to the airport for special event like these

  • 2010 Gnoss Filed 50th Anniversary/Wings Over Marin
  • 2012 Salute to the Tuskegee Airmen
  • 2013 Wings Over Marin II
  • 2016 Spirit of St. Louis 2 Open Hangar
  • 2016 Movie Nights at the Airport

Possible events 2016/2017:

  • Drone Awareness Seminar
  • Free Hot dog days
  • And, of course, the public is always welcome at our breakfast meetings the second Saturday of each month (breakfast is optional-come and enjoy the free aviation-focused presentation).


The Marin County Board of Supervisors has jurisdiction over Gnoss Field. The Airport Commission and the Airport Manager make recommendations to the Board. We believe it is very important for the Board, the Airport Commission and the Airport Manager to have the benefit of our collective voice when decisions are being made affecting the airport.

We are aware of the perception of some members of the community that Gnoss is used only by “hobby pilots”, and that Gnoss does not contribute to the financial health of Marin. Making sure that the Board hears loud and clear that Gnoss is a very important community asset must be a high priority for us.

Also, California’s Department of Aviation and the Federal FAA and NTSB set the regulations and operational use for the airport. Issues such as IFR procedures, patterns, runway markings, and now TSA security are matters where constructive or critical input will contribute to the best use of the Gnoss airport. Our direct perspective is the input which only local communities can provide.
It is important to keep reminding everyone that Gnoss provides medical and emergency flight facilities, Civil Air Patrol coverage, along with business and private flying opportunities. Gnoss also has other aviation related businesses important to the community.


  • Monthly Breakfast Meetings with a featured speakers on:
    • Safety Briefings
    • Gnoss Field Information/Issues
    • Other Aviation topics
  • FAAST Seminars and Aviation Community Banquets
  • Group Fly outs